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How do I book a gift certificate?


It's a simple & easy process! You can gift someone an entire tour or you can gift them a dollar amount they can use towards a tour!

If you would like to gift an entire tour then you would simply:

- Select which tour you'd like to gift from the tour options found below or by clicking here

- Book the tour using temporary placeholder information for fields such as the date and pick-up location. You would use any date as the placeholder date but, there is no expiry. Include your contact information and request a gift certificate so we can send the certificate to you!
Then we will have the booking under your name so we can email you the gift certificate that you can print out to gift to the recipient! 


Once the recipients have received the gift certificate, they call in or email anytime to have the booking personally customized with their actual tour date (subject to availability) and any other requests they may have!

It is a quick and easy process for you and, when the recipients call in it’s just a matter of getting their contact info and tour details!


If you'd like to gift a dollar amount, we can do so over the phone at 905-736-9463 or via email at 

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