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Currently, only our "Private Tours" are available and for all of our tours, we are still dedicated to keeping our guests, winery partners, and employees safe. We will be adhering to all of the requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety act to ensure all of our guests and employees stay safe and healthy.

We are a family-owned and operated business that have been servicing the Niagara Region for the last 33 years. Our #1 goal is to give you the best and safest wine tour experience possible. We are dedicated to ethical business practices and giving back to the community as much as we can! Over the duration of your wine and food experience, you will learn about the wine making process and the Niagara wine region itself. When you book with us, you get more than just a driver, you get a knowledgeable and experienced driver and tour guide who is dedicated to giving you the best VIP experience possible.

Winery Guys Tours supports equality and justice for all:

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