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Which wineries do you visit?

We are partnered with over 20 of the top wineries/breweries in the region and we select them for the tour based on availability, quality of product, tour route, and most importantly the guest experience. So, we would not have the exact wineries you will be visiting until closer to the date but here is a brief list of some of our favorites:


*Please note this list evolving in regards to partnered wineries and which are add-ons as well as their cost. It is subject to change.


Konzelmann Family Estate Winery

Hare Wine Co (add-on, $20/guest)

Lakeview Wine Co (add-on, $10/guest)

Nomad at Hinterbrook Winery

Queenston Mile Vineyards (add-on, $20/guest)

Pillitteri Estates Winery (add-on, $20/guest)

Caroline Cellars

Oast House (add-on, $15/guest)

Pondview Estate Winery (also known as Bella Terra, add-on, $19/guest)

Wayne Gretzky Estates (add-on, $25/guest)

Colaneri Estate (add-on, $20/guest)

Between The Lines

Reif Estate Winery

Trius Winery (add-on, $25/guest)

Peller Estates (add-on, $25/guest)

Marynissen Estates

Ravine Vineyard (add-on, $25/guest)

Château des Charmes

Small Talk Vineyards (add-on, $15/guest)

Niagara College Winery & Brewery

Ferox by Fabian Reis (add-on, $20/guest)

Inniskillin (premium add-on, $15/guest)

Jackson-Triggs (add-on, $15/guest)

Riverview (add-on, $10/guest)

Strewn (add-on, $12/guest)

Stratus (add-on, $20/guest)

Tzafona Kosher Wine Tours (add-on, $20/guest)

And this is an ever-growing list!


Private tours are able to make winery requests but, we cannot guarantee all requests will be met. We will of course do whatever we can to meet your requests but, they are not guaranteed. The wineries have their own availability as well as host private events, corporate meetings and, such that can affect their availability. Any and all requests for any details pertaining to your tour need to be submitted with your original registration in the comments section of check-out or they will not be counted as valid. You will never be booked in for an add-on winery unless you request it, approve of the charges, and until we have your booking with the specific request(s) confirmed. Add-on wineries are simply locations that for one reason or another cannot be accommodated without an additional charge.


Do any of the wineries sell their wine online?

Yes, absolutely! We always have guests who want to know about buying wine online from the wineries that were a part of their tour! Do not fear running out of wine because we have some solutions for you! At the end of every winery stop, there will always be time for boutique shopping but, if you feel like you didn't stock up enough, most of the wineries sell directly on their website!

Even better than that is Case-Wine, Ontario's #1 stop for boutique wines! You can click on their logo below to go directly to their website where you can mix and match wines from multiple boutiques to be shipped directly to you at a fair shipping cost!


What type of vehicle are used for the tours?

To see our public and private tour vehicles, please click here to view the photo galleries of our vehicles.

What is your cancellation policy/change in group size policy?

Tours canceled within 7 days of departure are 100% non-refundable. No shows on the day of the tour are 100% non-refundable. Rescheduling is not permitted within 7 days of departure and is also 100% non-refundable. Any tour rescheduled or canceled more than 7 days in advance from departure time will receive a 100% refund. Final numbers of passengers must be confirmed at least 7 days prior to your tour departure.

What's included with the tour?

- 4 wineries are visited with 12-16 tastings 

- 1 gourmet snack food and wine pairing (at one of the four wineries)

- Ability to customize tour including start time, end time and optional lunch break

- Bottled water provided on vehicle

- Full control over bluetooth music

- One full wine-making facility tour

- Executive shuttle vehicle transport

- Premium VIP service

- Professional Wine Tour Guide and Driver

- Boutique Shopping
What is Selfie Mode?

For all of our tours, you have the option to substitute the wine-making facility tour stop entirely for a visit to Selfie Mode, Ontario's first self-interactive photography studio! Including 13 different backdrops and themes that keep your perfect selfie in mind, this stop includes complete access to the studio and a free beverage sample from a local producer. Feel free to request this unique experience just by including it in your customization requests when booking your tour with us! Click here to see some images from past guests as well as a showcase of our other partnered locations. Click here to visit the Selfie mode website itself!

What is Chocolate FX?

For all of our tours, you have the option to substitute the wine-making facility tour stop in its entirey for a tour at Chocolate FX, Niagara's choice for premium artisanal chocolate! Try some premium chocolate during the tour where you learn about the history of chocolate, their building, and their unique spin on all things chocolate! Feel free to request this unique experience just by including it in your customization requests when booking your tour with us, subject to availability! Click here to see some images from past guests as well as a showcase of our other partnered locations. Click here to visit the ChocolateFX website itself where you can learn about them and the tour there!

How much wine tasting is included in the tour?

12-16 tastings of wine. If the wine and beer tour is selected it is 3 beer samples and 9-12 wine samples.

What are the group sizes?

Group sizes can be from 2 - 14 people for private tours. Larger groups may be able to be accommodated, just contact us!

How do I book a gift certificate?
It is possible to purchase a gift certificate! We can do it online or over the phone!
If you would like to gift an entire tour then you would simply go online, book the tour as if you were booking it for yourself by submitting all of your contact information and placeholder information for fields such as the date and pick-up location. You would use Dec 31st 2022 as the placeholder date but, there is no expiry.
Then we will have the booking under your name so we can email you the gift certificate that you can print out! Once the recipients have received the gift certificate, they call in anytime to have the booking transferred over to their name along with their new tour date (availability permitting) and details! This way it's a quick and easy process for you, the reservation is already in place and when the recipients call in it’s just a matter of getting their contact info and tour details!
How can we book a tour?

You can do this online by viewing one of our tours and packages.

What age do you have to be to go on a tour/what about non-drinkers?

You will have to be 19 or above to be able to drink on the tour, however any age can come along for the experience. Non-drinkers receive 50% off!

What is the dress code?

There is no dress code. Please come dressed comfortably as you are!

What about inclement weather conditions?

Our tours operate rain or shine!

Where is the pickup?

We will pick you up at your accommodations, this can be anywhere in Niagara-On-The-Lake or Niagara Falls. Pick-ups outside of these areas may be able to be accommodated, please contact us!

Can I take pictures?

Yes, you can! We encourage it!

What are the lengths of the tours?

4.5-6 hours and private tours can be customized to your liking!

What are the sizes for the tours?

2-14 passengers, larger groups can be accommodated as well, just reach out to us!

What payment forms are accepted?

We accept virtually any credit card or credit debit card!

How long/often do your tours run?

We run our tours 362 days a year, 7 days a week! The only days we're closed are Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day!

Are there any hotels you can recommend we reserve?

All of the hotels in Niagara Falls/Niagara-On-The-Lake are fantastic! You can review this link to KAYAK to compare hotels in Niagara Falls: https://www.kayak.co.uk/Niagara-Falls-Hotels.26896.hotel.ksp

Can you pick-up outside of Niagara Falls/Niagara-On-The-Lake?

Yes, we can! The tours with pick-up outside of Niagara Falls/Niagara-On-The-Lake are only available by request so simply send us an email inquiring about an out of area pickup and we'd be happy to help!

Is lunch included?

At this time, we offer no tours where lunch is included. If a lunch break is selected, the booking guest will receive a lunchtime to make the reservation for and has the freedom of choosing any restaurant in Niagara-On-The-Lake! 

Do you offer Kosher wine tours/ What is Tzafona Kosher wine tour?

The perfect sip of wine is an experience. It’s a swirl of the glass, aromas flowing, flavours rolling across your tongue. Let us introduce you to the Tzafona wine experience.


Hailing from the world class wine region of the Niagara Peninsula, Tzafona’s grapes share their source with many renowned and award-winning wines. Niagara’s climate is comparable to the acclaimed French regions of Burgundy, and Bordeaux, with a mineral-rich fertile soil profile.


Tzafona wine is made from the very same grapes, using the same methods as other high-end producers. These grapes ripen and accumulate their flavour slowly, producing some of the world’s most complex, balanced, and food-friendly wines.


Hebrew for “northward,” Tzafona represents the best of Canada’s winemaking. That’s what Avraham Gislason, a wine-maker and orthodox rabbi, and Toby Berkel, an entrepreneur, had in mind when they started Tzafona.


They are pioneers with a passion: they’ve created an unmistakably delicious wine from the Niagara region — one that also happens to be kosher!

Elegant, world class, kosher wine from Niagara.

That’s the spirit of Tzafona.



Website- https://tzafona.com/

Instagram- @tzafonawine

FB- https://www.facebook.com/tzafonacellars/

LinkedIn- https://www.linkedin.com/company/tzafona-wines/?viewAsMember=true

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